All the beauty

AND the bloodshed

"All the Beauty and the Bloodshed’ is a major work of anti-pharma protest art" - Rolling Stone

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All The Beauty and The Bloodshed

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Cultural institutions, museums and universities have an ethical responsibility to the world they inhabit. P.A.I.N. continues its fight to urge museums to reject Sackler money, call out the links between their company, Purdue Pharma, and the opioid overdose crisis, destigmatize drug use, and promote harm reduction. 

Funds raised will support efforts to destigmatize drug use while highlighting compassionate, evidence-based harm reduction models of healthcare and treatment.


In 2021, OnPoint became the first organization in the US to open two Overdose Prevention Centers, reversing 620 overdoses so far and helping New York City save an estimated $13.3 million in ambulance and ER costs (as of October 14, 2022). People who use drugs are facing an unpredictable street supply, largely contaminated by illicit fentanyl. 

Funds raised for OnPoint will go directly towards their Overdose Prevention program— saving lives, building community, and setting a necessary precedent for harm reduction-based healthcare in this country!

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