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    We're committed to holding the manufacturers of the opioid crisis responsible and speaking for the hundreds of thousands of voices that have been silenced by the epidemic. We are protesting to legalize the solutions that help those with substance use disorder and those who sustain them.


    Your donation will go directly towards the organizing of future actions as we target Sackler-funded institutions while advocating for access to care and medication for drug users. Supporters help us to afford supplies and transportation, conduct research, and distribute educational materials. We intend to destigmatize substance use disorder while highlighting compassionate, evidence-based treatments.


    We are a group called P.A.I.N. (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now), organized by Nan Goldin to address the opioid crisis. We are artists, activists, and people dealing with addiction who employ direct action as a platform for our demands. We target the Sackler family, who manufactured and pushed Oxycontin, through museums and universities that carry their name.


    We demand that all museums, universities and institutions worldwide publicly refuse future funding from the Sackler family.


    We demand that all museums, universities and institutions worldwide remove their Sackler signage.


    We demand that Purdue Pharma, Mundipharma and Sackler pharmaceutical companies worldwide forfeit all profits from Oxycontin as restitution to the communities and families that they’ve destroyed.


    We demand the courts seize the Sackler family’s pharmaceutical fortune and use it to fund:

    -Narcan, the life-saving medication that reverses overdose. Narcan must be available at no-cost in every home, in every prison and carried by every first responder. Public dispensers of Narcan must be installed on every corner in America.

    -Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Doctors must be offered training and incentives to use MAT, especially Buprenorphine. All pharmacies must have it available. MAT must be made affordable to all people with Opioid Use Disorder in and out of prison.

    -Harm Reduction through clean needle exchange, the creation of Safe Injection Facilities (SIFs) and free medical resources.

    -Effective treatment, Evidence-based treatment is a vital step toward repairing harm. Government funding for the overdose crisis must no longer be diverted into law enforcement or used to fund abstinence-based treatment models.


    The Sacklers must not be involved in the allocation of these reparations, as they inevitably find a way to profit off the crisis they’ve created.


    We demand an immediate response from the museums and institutions that bear the Sackler name. To remain silent is to be complicit.


    The Sacklers have ignited the largest public health crisis in American history. They must be held accountable for the harm they’ve done and are now attempting to unleash on a global scale.


    We thank the museums and institutions that have cut ties with Sackler funding and urge all cultural institutions to follow their example and to divest from dirty money.


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