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    We're committed to holding the manufacturers of the opioid crisis responsible and speaking for the hundreds of thousands of voices that have been silenced by the epidemic. We are protesting to legalize the solutions that help those with substance use disorder and those who sustain them.


    Your donation will go directly towards the organizing of future actions as we target Sackler-funded institutions while advocating for access to care and medication for drug users. Supporters help us to afford supplies and transportation, conduct research, and distribute educational materials. We intend to destigmatize substance use disorder while highlighting compassionate, evidence-based treatments.

  • Outreach

    We are constantly in collaboration with other grassroots harm reduction and advocacy groups as we work in solidarity to improve conditions for people living with substance use disorder.

    Vocal New York
    Shatter Proof
    American Society of Addiction Medicine
    The Drug Policy Alliance
    Opioid Task Force
    ACT UP: AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power
  • Hold the Sackler Family and Purdue Pharma accountable for the Opioid Crisis

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