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    We're committed to holding the manufacturers of the opioid crisis responsible and speaking for the hundreds of thousands of voices that have been silenced by the epidemic. We are protesting to legalize the solutions that help those with substance use disorder and those who sustain them.


    Your donation will go directly towards the organizing of future actions as we target Sackler-funded institutions while advocating for access to care and medication for drug users. Supporters help us to afford supplies and transportation, conduct research, and distribute educational materials. We intend to destigmatize substance use disorder while highlighting compassionate, evidence-based treatments.

  • Press

    New York Times

    "Louvre Removes Sackler Family Name From Its Walls"

    Alex Marshall, New York Times, 7/17/2019

    "Pharma Protests Reach Paris, as Sackler PAIN Demands Louvre 'Take Down the Sackler Name'"

    Hakim Bishara, Hyperallergic 07/01/19

    "Met Museum of Art will no longer accept Sackler family money"

    Megan Serullo, CBSNews, 05/15/19

    "Protesters’ goodbye for Scott Gottlieb: a supersized heroin spoon and claims FDA did too little on opioids"

    Lev Facher, STAT News 04/05/19

    "Museums Cut Ties With Sacklers as Outrage Over Opioid Crisis Grows"

    Alex Marshall, New York Time, 03/25/19

    "'This is blood money': Tate shuns Sacklers – and others urged to follow"

    Joanna Walters, The Guardian 03/24/19

    "In a Landmark Decision, London’s National Portrait Gallery Drops a $1.3 Million Gift from the Sacklers"

    Kate Brown & Javier Pes, ArtNet

    The Guardian

    "Opioid crisis protesters target New York's Guggenheim over Sackler family link"

    Joanna Walters, The Guardian 02/10/19

    "'It's Time, Guggenheim': Nan Goldin Launches a Surprise Demonstration at the Guggenheim Museum to Protest Its Sackler Funding"

    Caroline Goldstein, ArtNet News, 02/09/19

    "Guggenheim Targeted by Protesters for Accepting Money From Family with OxyContin Ties"

    Colin Moynihan, The New York Times 02/09/19

    "Nan Goldin Leads a Protest at the Guggenheim Against the Sackler Family"

    Masha Gessen, The New Yorker 02/10/19

    "PAIN Sackler Storms Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museums for Financial Ties to Opioid Manufacturers"

    Hakim Bishara, Hyperallergic 02/10/19

    The New York Times Style Magazine

    "The photographer is known for her gritty images of New York City life. Now she’s become a leading activist in the struggle against addiction."

    Thessaly La Force, The New York Times Style Magazine 6/11/18

    The New York Times

    "Don’t Call Her a Victim: After Surviving Opioids, Nan Goldin Goes After the Makers"

    Colin Moynihan, New York Times 1/22/18


    "I Survived the Opioid Crisis"

    Nan Goldin, Artforum 1/18


    "Nan Goldin: I've Turned My Opioid Addiction Into Activism"

    Nan Goldin, Time 2/22/18


    "Photographer Nan Goldin Is Fighting the Sackler Family Over Their Opioid Empire"

    Hazel Cills, Jezebel 1/22/18

    The Guardian

    "I don’t know how they live with themselves' – artist Nan Goldin​ takes on the billionaire family behind OxyContin​"

    Joanna Walters, The Guardian 1/22/18

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