• Direct action at the Harvard Art Museums, 2018


    I narrowly escaped. I went from the darkness and ran full speed into The World. I was isolated, but I realized I wasn’t alone. When I got out of treatment I became absorbed in reports of addicts dropping dead from my drug, OxyContin.


    I learned that the Sackler family, whose name I knew from museums and galleries, were responsible for the epidemic. This family formulated, marketed, and distributed OxyContin. I decided to make the private public by calling them to task. My first action is to publish personal photographs from my own history.

    "Self Portrait 1st Time on Oxy, Berlin, 2014"
    PAIN covers the Guggenheim in a "blizzard of prescriptions," photo courtesy of New York Times










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    The Sackler fortune comes from drugs. Their family company, Purdue Pharma, has made billions pushing prescription pills with predatory marketing techniques, especially their blockbuster opiate, OxyContin. Despite research that shows its highly addictive potential and minimal clinical effectiveness, Purdue Pharma pushed their drug directly through physicians as a miraculous solution to any kind of pain. Purdue is now on a worldwide campaign to expand OxyContin’s reach. The Sackler family made billions by exploiting our physical and emotional pain, and our cultural institutions are complicit in whitewashing their reputation by accepting the Sacklers’ toxic philanthropy.

    Sackler family portrait
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